Baltimore County Code Enforcement Details


The Baltimore County Code Enforcement Division has about 30 inspectors on the street any given day.  These officials respond to complaints that are called, mailed, or even e-mailed in.  Inspectors will have Baltimore County ID cards and always identify themselves.  If residents want to remain anonymous, they can write an anonymous letter or levy complaints thru their community association.Baltimore County Code Enforcement Details

Code Enforcement handled 1000 complaints in 2003 and over 3000 in 2004!  In the past, citations issued by Code Enforcement were handled by the District Court typically up to 1 1/2 years; however, the system now has its own Hearing Officer, who hears and renders findings on citations within 45 days.

A frequently reported issue to Code Enforcement deals with Kennel Operations, particularly in regards to "dog fights."  Residents who complain must prove over three dogs are involved, not including puppies, and they must be within 200 feet of anyone's property.  These violations are hard to investigate/substantiate in dense residential areas and residents who wish to lodge a complaint should take pictures for the authorities.

Another frequent complaint is over-grown yards.  Grass must be over 12 inches tall.  Inspectors will post a correction notice to the violator which must be corrected in seven days.  If not cut within seven days, the inspectors contact a private contractor to cut it.  The bill is the used to place a lien against the property.  Once the county is required to cut the grass, the address is placed into a computer that queues it for automatic re-inspection every three months.  No warnings are given if the grass is over-grown again.  Trash and debris issues are handled in much the same way.


Types of Violations


Residential zoning violations

Unlicensed motor vehicles

Inoperable motor vehicles

Junkyard conditions

Open dumping conditions

Service garages

Kennel operations

Contractors equipment storage yard

Accessory structure placement

Recreation vehicle parking

Rooming house

Home occupations

Commercial vehicle parking


Housing Code Owner-Occupied Violations

Unsafe or unsanitary premises

Rubbish & garbage not in trash cans

Exterior dwelling not structurally sound

Defective roof, steps, chimney, windows, doors & fences

Peeling & flaking paint


Building Code Violations

Vacant open to the general public

Rental property with broken windows, holes in roof, missing porch, etc.

Permits required to construct, enlarge, alter or demolish

Deck, Shed, Garage, Additions

Construction site safety & sanitary


Livability Rental Code Violations

Unsanitary conditions

High grass & weeds

Improper disposal of bulk items

No trash & garbage containers

Defective roofs, windows, stairs, porches & handrails

Rodent & insect control

Defective exterior paint, walls & foundation

How to lodge a complaint with Code Enforcement

-- In person at Permits & Development Management; County Office Building Room 119 at 111 West Chesapeake Avenue in Towson, MD 21204

-- By letter to: Director, Department of PDM Management; County Office Building Room 111 at 111 West Chesapeake Avenue in Towson, MD 21204

-- By calling (410) 887-3352 or 8099

-- By faxing (410) 887-2824

-- By e-mail to

-- By your computer online by visiting

-- By contacting one of your Westview Park Community Association leaders at (410) 455-5335.

-- By contacting our county councilman at (410) 887-0896

Baltimore County Complaint Directory

All numbers can be reached by dialing 410-887-xxxx unless otherwise specified below -- Please refrain from calling 911 or Community Outreach for these issues


Alley construction                                3363

Air quality                                       3775

Animal complaints                                 5961

Asbestos                                          3775

Burn-open authorization                           3775

Bushes, trees grass obstruction                   3554

Child day care license applications               2216

Code Enforcement                          3352 or 8099

Curb & gutter replacement                         3560

Dumping (chemicals, petroleum, refuse)            3745

Dumpster complaints                               7136

Erosion                                   410-666-1188

Grading                                           3226

Hazardous waste                                   3745

Roadside mowing                                   3560

Pollution (water)                                 3980

Pollution (ground water)                          2762

Refuse collection                                 2000

Refuse disposal                                   7136

Sewage disposal system failure/overflow           7136

Sewage (private systems only)                     2762


Code Enforcement Community Sweep

Baltimore County Code Enforcement will schedule inspections of our community within the next few months. The community board requested a Community Sweep to protect homeowner values and community habitability. Westview Park is not a covenant-controlled community. We rely on existing Baltimore County codes and zoning laws to preserve home values. We realize that most homes far exceed standards. Our request for the Community Sweep should help eliminate several problem areas that continue to affect the safety and appearance of our neighborhood.


County authorities conduct inspections from public property (streets) and issue correction notices for code violations. Notices describe the problem and offer residents ample time to fix discrepancies. The County, not the community association, cites and fines those who fail to fix problems. Call 410.887.8099 to report any code violations and call our Zoning Chairperson, 410.455.5335.

How to request a SWEEP of any violations in your neighborhood

1) The Community Association must notify the entire community in writing of the pending sweep 45 days in advance.


2) The sweep must be requested in writing on Association letterhead and addressed to Timothy Kotroco; Director, Department of PDM Management; County Office Building Room 111 at 111 West Chesapeake Avenue in Towson, MD 21204


3) The President and Board of Directors of the Association must sign the letter.


4) A copy of the request must be sent to the 1st District County Councilman.


Lastly, call 911 to report abandoned or untitled/untagged vehicles to the police.  We thought that dialing 911 to report these vehicles didn't make sense, but that is the process.  A police officer will tag the vehicle to give the owner two weeks notice to remove or lawfully register/tag the vehicle; otherwise, the county will tow the vehicle.  Untitled and/or untagged vehicles can remain in driveways as long as they do not present environmental problems; however, they cannot be parked on streets.


Please take action to report issues outlined above before you call us.  In the unlikely event the county or police doesn't respond to your calls, then call a WPICA Officer or Board Member and we'll get results for you.